New Hotel Opens in SoHo: Broome

6 Apr

broomA new hotel in SoHo called Broome is certainly worth a look. Located at Crosby and Broome, this hotel was seven years in the making. They transformed a Federal-style building that used to house a commune of artists in the late 80s into a 14 cozy, fun room. The most beautiful part of the hotel is the five-story atrium café and lobby where everyone enters.

Opened by Vincent Boitier and the Lacovelli brothers, this hotel is a one-of-a-kind stop in the busy New York City world. The building, built in the Federal Revival Style, was completed in 1825, and the renovations have managed to keep the old world look and feel while creating the most modern of amenities.

Cookies and Milk Coming to SoHo

17 Mar
by dominiqueansel via Instagram

by dominiqueansel via Instagram

Now the question no one is answering is how the cookie will keep its form when filled with milk. Perhaps Dominique Ansel will be able to answer that, as he debuts his chocolate chip cookie “shot” glasses filled with organic milk. Starting this week on Friday at 3pm, the Spring St. bakery will start selling this novelty item.

The milk and cookie shots will be sold seven days a week and the cookies will be made fresh every afternoon. The cookies will be filled with Swede Farm milk infused with vanilla beans for 24 hours.

Each of the cookies will cost $3 and there will be a take-away eight-pack that will cost $25. There will be 200 milk and cookie shots this Friday and customers will be allowed to order two each.

You just have to drink the milk quickly before the cookie dissolves!

Harvey Finkelstein MD & Other Experts Provide Help for New Yorkers with Chronic Pain

12 Mar

chrnoic painChronic pain is a debilitating situation for anyone who has ever experienced it. But there is help for New Yorkers with chronic pain. Many New York doctors, such as Harvey Finkelstein MD, spend their entire day treating those with chronic pain. There are many medications and therapies that can help patients to feel better and to overcome some or all of their pain.

In addition, patients should feel empowered to work on their chronic pain issues at home and to make certain modifications in their lifestyle to accommodate their issues and to alleviate the worst of the pain. Here are some suggestions that just might help to turn down the volume on the pain, in tandem with the assistance of a medical professional like Harvey Finkelstein MD.

1. Pace Yourself: It is frustrating to have activities that you want to accomplish and to feel like you can’t do so. But you probably can. Pick one activity that you find difficult but not impossible and set a baseline amount of time that you can do this activity. Then, practice this activity every day, even on your bad days and build up the amount of time that you do it. Write down your times each day to see how you’re improving. This activity could be walking, gardening, cleaning or anything else you want to accomplish.

2. Set Goals: This is similar to pacing, but may include larger activities or dreams you have. It should include four rules: your goal needs to be realistic, something you can measure, something that comes from you (not others) and something that isn’t overly ambitious. Write down a list of all of the tasks you would have to do to accomplish the goal and try to work towards its completion.

3. Stay confident: Sometimes, people with chronic pain lose their confidence and assertiveness. Try to practice being assertive about your needs, but not whiny or domineering. Ask for help when you need it and be precise about your needs.

These three tips should help anyone with chronic pain to feel like they are taking some of the control back in their lives and setting goals for themselves. In combination with a treatment plan and medication, these ideas should help any chronic pain sufferer towards a path of better living.

Enjoy the Soho Strength Lab

27 Feb

trainingsNow you can get fit and eat right…all under one roof. New York Yankees slugger Mark Teixeira has teamed up with Marcus Antebi, the founder and ECO of Juice Press, to create Soho Strength Lab.

As Teixeira said of Antebi, “When you can put unprocessed, raw green juice into your body there’s so many great benefits as a person and as an athlete.”

Now, after working out at the Strength Lab, gym-goers can replenish their bodies with fresh-pressed juices. The lab is also offering smoothies, raw food, salads and sandwiches. All of the food is vegan, organic and kosher.

As Teixeira said, “When I was 25, I could go out lift like an animal, go out and play a full game, and then eat whatever I wanted afterwards and not feel any of the effects. I’d sleep fine and have plenty of energy for the next day.As I get older, nutrition has become so much more important. Making good decisions are very important to me and Juice Press helps with those decisions.”

The plan is to launch five of these Juice Press stores in the next six months. Look for the locations on Greenwich Street and West 55th Street.

Soho Startup Keeping Us Safe

8 Feb

canary22w-2-webA startup in Soho is making waves. Canary is a new security gadget created by New York tech entrepreneur Adam Sager that has everyone talking. It’s slightly larger than a soda can and it recently won the most successful fundraising campaign for crowdfunding site Indegogo by raising $2 million.

As Sager told the Daily News, “Canary is the first smart home security device for everyone. It’s the easiest way to connect to your home and look after your pets and belongings.”

Canary has been created by the Soho-based tech startup called Canary and costs $199. It is already on the market and can be purchased for delivery in July 2014 from

Canary was originally funded by the tech venture capital firm Brooklyn Bridge Ventures. As Sager said about their product, “The momentum is very high. Every day we are getting purchases from all over the world.”

For Canary to work, all that you need is a Wi-Fi connection in your home and a smartphone in your hand. You don’t need to install sensors. With its built-in HD video camera and safety sensors that track motion, temperature, and air quality, it has everything you need to keep your home safe and monitored.

If Canary notices that something out of the ordinary is happening in your home, you’ll get a text message or push notification. You can also see live video or recorded events.

Help for Alzheimers: Daniel Straus HealthBridge Options

22 Jan

alzhAlzheimer’s Disease is an irreversible and progressive brain disease that as many as 5.1 million Americans are coping with. While it is progressive and irreversible, many believe that with the proper memory care, patients can continue to stimulate their brains and to remain active for longer.

Finding the right Memory Care Program for an Alzheimer’s patient is a time consuming and difficult task, but not one that is impossible. HealthBridge Management, for instance, has a number of facilities in New Jersey, Virginia and other locations that offer this type of care for patients. As described on the CareVirginia website,  “Our Memory Care Teams are trained in techniques that enhance communication and care for people living with this diagnosis.  Activities and recreation programs are tailored for individuals with memory impairments and focus on each Resident’s abilities, not his or her disabilities.”

With Daniel Straus, HealthBridge CEO, the Memory Care Programs offer a safe and secure environment. They have full-time program directors, 24 hour a day skilled nurses, a specially trained staff and tailored recreation programs. These assisted living programs allow family members to rest assure that their loved one is being cared for and that their mental abilities are being exercised and examined at all times.

Certainly, for anyone with a loved one with Alzheimer’s, the centers of this sort, like the Daniel Straus, HealthBridge options, are one very good choice for patients and their families.

New Nail Salon: Tenoverten

20 Jan

tenovertenIf you’re looking for a place to be pampered in SoHo, nothing beats the new Tenoverten. This boutique salon already has two locations in Manhattan, and the SoHo location now creates a third. The store bills itself as a “beautiful apartment” rather than a salon, inviting customers to come and experience the feeling of a home away from home.  The store has raw wood floors, limestone slab tables, a minimalistic décor and lovely outdoor space in the warm weather.

They have manicures, pedicures, waxing and eye care and advertise that they do parties and home visits as well. Welcome to the neighborhood Tenoverten! They are located at 132 W. Houston Street for anyone getting ready to pop over.


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