Combina Opens in SoHo

24 Nov

If you love Israeli and Spanish cuisine, then you’ll love the new Combina opening in SoHo. Chef Einat Admony just opened on November 17th and the restaurant is influenced both by her native Israeli cuisine and her love of Spanish food. As she said, “I really like the way they eat in Barcelona. It’s very simple and casual and fun. It’s not too serious.” She explains that, with the exception of pork, the two cuisines have many similarities. These include that: “Saffron, really good olive oil, many of these ingredients I grew up eating in Israel.”

The space is at 330 W. Broadway and the space looks very artsy. With no storage area, the dry ingredients are all stored on artful wall shelves around the restaurant. There is a colorful mural as well that was designed by Haifa-based psych-pop group Broken Fingaz.



Tips for the Aging Baby Boomer Population in New York

22 Nov

As the baby boomer population ages, we will find more and more elderly people who need to be taken care of – and who will potentially end up needing rehabilitation facilities and medical assistance. Certainly, if a loved one of yours has a fall and needs to be in a rehab facility like Dry Harbor in Middle Village, New York you’ll want to know how to make their home safer upon their return.

It is very important to add safety to an older person’s home, hopefully before an accident can occur. But even after one has occurred, you’ll want to have these safety changes in mind. There are many ways to change the home, but let’s focus just on tips for the bathroom here:

  1. Grab bars: The bathroom is one of the main places where people tend to slip and fall. Install grab bars for easier access in and out of the shower or tub. The grab bars should be slip-resistant and color contrasted from the wall for better visibility.
  2. Shower chair: Put a chair in the shower to provide stability for an elderly person or a post-rehab person who has a difficult time with balance. The right shower chair needs rubber tips on the legs so that the person doesn’t slide.
  3. Non-slip mats: Make sure to have non-slip mats around the bathroom. These should be placed in front of the shower or tub. Place a non-slip rug in front of the toilet as well and one by the sink.

These are just a few of the suggestions for ensuring that anyone coming out of rehab from Dry Harbor, or aging and needing extra caution, could use as easy ideas in the bathroom.

Rhone Pop-Up in SoHo

28 Oct

From October 15, 2015 through January 15, 2016 you can enjoy shopping at 929 Lafayette Street for Rhone, the men’s active wear and lifestyle brand. Their pop-up shop in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood will offer customers a great opportunity.

As Nate Checketts, co-founder and CEO of Rhone said, “We’re excited to launch our first Rhone retail experience. This is the perfect opportunity to interact with our customers and understand how we can best serve them and our community. We plan to take this knowledge and expand to other areas of the country to give as many people as possible a hands-on experience and access to the product.”

Rhone partnered with interior design and architecture firm Reform Creative. As Melissa McMillan, principal at Reform Creative said, “At Reform Creative, we love partnering with up-and-coming new brands to channel their energy and innovation into the built environment. We especially enjoyed working in collaboration with the Rhone team to create a space that is functional, fun and impromptu. The team brought their vision and deep knowledge of the brand to the project from day one, and it was a pleasure to design from that jumping-off point.”

Cat Fun in SoHo

7 Oct

If you’re obsessed with your cat and you live in SoHo, then you’re in luck. A new cat cafe is opening on Grand Street called Little Lions. It should open in the next two to three months and is actually the result of a crowd-sourcing campaigned launched by cat-loving alumni of the tech industry.

Erin McShane raised even more than the $65,000 that she was hoping for to open her tea house and “cat sanctuary.” Now, it’s not actually a place where you can bring your own cat. Rather, you can cuddle up to kittens from the organization called Angellicle Cat Rescue. She plans to have eight to twelve cats in the space at one time.

Don’t get too excited about being able to cuddle with the cats while you drink your coffee, however. The Health Department rules prohibit animals in the eatery so the cats will be in a storefront that is totally separate from the cafe. The cats will be visible from the cafe behind a glass wall and visitors can pay an admission fee to play with the cats.



A Dozen New Men’s Stores Coming to SoHo

16 Sep

Yazid Aksas, the founder of Public Factory, leases large spaces and then subdivides them up for short-term rentals. His next venture will open at 310 W. Broadway between Grand and Canal streets on September 22. It will house his menswear label and it will also have 11 other designers.

As Mr. Aksas said, “The terms and conditions to open your own store are so out of whack compared to what most people can afford.” Many landlords expect a 10 year lease and there are often large construction costs as well. As a result, he decided to open his store together with 11 others. The dozen labels will share 3300 square feet and members will pay a monthly fee of $3000 for about 100 square feet. Brands have to commit to three months.

As he said, “We are the ones taking the risks—we build the space and manage it, pay electricity and Internet and those things designers don’t want to deal with. They just have to worry about the product and brand marketing.”

Mr. Aksas has signed a ten year deal with the SoHo Grand Hotel and there will be an entrance to Public Factory and a street-side entryway.

Ladies don’t despair – he is also planning to open a similar model in SoHo for women’s wear labels and has about 25 brands on the waiting list.


JumpIn Comes to New York

27 Aug

balls-798372_640Now here’s an awesome thing to enjoy in New York. JumpIn is coming to New York and it’s well worth the experience. This is a ball pit designed by creative agency Pearlfisher and includes 81,000 white balls. Its only goal is to “raise awareness for the transformative power of play.”

The entrance to JumpIn is free with the request of a $5 donation. Reservations for the 30 minute play session can be made online. It will be open at 455 Broadway on the fifth floor weekdays until September 21 from 10-4. Get ready to have a blast!

Jennifer Hudson: New Face of New York & Co. Soho Jeans

21 Jul

feet-349687_640You’ll be seeing a lot of Jennifer Hudson around in the coming year, as she just signed on for multiple seasons as the face of New York & Co. Soho Jeans line. Chief Marketing Officer for the brand, Cheryl Callan, called Hudson the “perfect fit.”

Jennifer Hudson told WWD, “What I love most about New York is the diversity. It’s a haven for individuality, and I have always found that to be inspiring. That sort of energy affects me all ways, but especially when it comes to style.”

The new jeans collection will be available in stores starting tomorrow. And you can check out the new marketing campaign when you go to enjoy the jeans.



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