Foot High Milkshakes in SoHo

25 Jan

You’ve probably never seen a milkshake like this before. Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer is offering some of the best milkshakes you’ll ever see – and for only $15. They launched the milkshake idea in November, as head chef and owner Joe Isidori  made one for his wife. As he explained, “One day my wife wanted me to make her a cotton candy milkshake, so I whipped something up, put it on Instagram and the rest is history.” Now, Black Tap is offering three main specialty milkshakes for only $15 at its two Manhattan locations. The milkshakes are a foot tall and divine.

Check out the pictures, and run to enjoy! The three choices here below are: Cotton Candy, Sweet and Salty and Cookie milkshakes.

Here are Black Tap's Cotton Candy, Sweet and Salty and Cookie milkshakes.

Raoul’s in SoHo Turns 40

4 Jan

Raoul’s in SoHo recently celebrated its 40th anniversary with a dinner party that brought together both patrons and former employees. Michael Cecchi-Azzolina, for instance, used to be a waiter there and now runs the West Village restaurant Bobo. The birthday party continued for 10 hours.

Opened in 1975 by Serge Raoul and his brother, Guy, Raoul’s is a family operation that caters to families in addition to a who’s-who scene in New York. Mr. Raoul has retired from the enterprise and lives in Nyack, New York. His son, Karim Raoul, 37, started to manage the establishment in 2010 and he’s keeping the family legacy alive.

As Karim explained, “We wanted the real regulars in tonight: those people who had 90 reservations and upwards. We have three generations of customers: the parents, the grandparents and the kids.”

Raoul’s got its first real break when Lorne Michaels arrived with his group from Saturday Night Live one night. As James Signorelli, a producer at SNL for decades explained, “At that time we were finishing up our work at 11 p.m. and no one was serving. Then we discovered Raoul’s, and it was like going to heaven, and we were here midnight to 2 a.m. three nights a week.”

In the mid-1980s, Raoul’s really took on a life of its own when headwater, Rob Jones, would get into drag and lip-sync the crowd in a dance. Mr. Jones died of AIDS in 1989 and in the 90s Raoul’s became a hangout for those in the indie film industry. Quentin Tarantino and the “Pulp Fiction” cast celebrated their movie debut at the New York Film Festival here.

And this continues to be the place to be 40 years after it all began.

Take a Stance in SoHo Today

14 Dec

While some people may not think socks are exciting, they definitely can be when you shop at the new Stance shop that opened last week on Broadway in SoHo. And even if you don’t think it’s cool – the NBA does. They recently picked it up as their official on-court basketball socks.

They have all sorts of specialty items including the Star Wars socks they have for the upcoming movie. They also have a men’s underwear collection with three different fits made from amazingly soft fabrics.

Even if you aren’t looking for socks, the store is very cool. It has an art wall that is for “Punks and Poets” and part of the floor is glass so that customers can peek into the Canvas Room where the socks are being made.

You can also create a customized pair of socks in the Stance Canvas Experience room. Here, you can decide on your own designs, colors and graphics and make your own socks for $28.



Combina Opens in SoHo

24 Nov

If you love Israeli and Spanish cuisine, then you’ll love the new Combina opening in SoHo. Chef Einat Admony just opened on November 17th and the restaurant is influenced both by her native Israeli cuisine and her love of Spanish food. As she said, “I really like the way they eat in Barcelona. It’s very simple and casual and fun. It’s not too serious.” She explains that, with the exception of pork, the two cuisines have many similarities. These include that: “Saffron, really good olive oil, many of these ingredients I grew up eating in Israel.”

The space is at 330 W. Broadway and the space looks very artsy. With no storage area, the dry ingredients are all stored on artful wall shelves around the restaurant. There is a colorful mural as well that was designed by Haifa-based psych-pop group Broken Fingaz.



Tips for the Aging Baby Boomer Population in New York

22 Nov

As the baby boomer population ages, we will find more and more elderly people who need to be taken care of – and who will potentially end up needing rehabilitation facilities and medical assistance. Certainly, if a loved one of yours has a fall and needs to be in a rehab facility like Dry Harbor in Middle Village, New York you’ll want to know how to make their home safer upon their return.

It is very important to add safety to an older person’s home, hopefully before an accident can occur. But even after one has occurred, you’ll want to have these safety changes in mind. There are many ways to change the home, but let’s focus just on tips for the bathroom here:

  1. Grab bars: The bathroom is one of the main places where people tend to slip and fall. Install grab bars for easier access in and out of the shower or tub. The grab bars should be slip-resistant and color contrasted from the wall for better visibility.
  2. Shower chair: Put a chair in the shower to provide stability for an elderly person or a post-rehab person who has a difficult time with balance. The right shower chair needs rubber tips on the legs so that the person doesn’t slide.
  3. Non-slip mats: Make sure to have non-slip mats around the bathroom. These should be placed in front of the shower or tub. Place a non-slip rug in front of the toilet as well and one by the sink.

These are just a few of the suggestions for ensuring that anyone coming out of rehab from Dry Harbor, or aging and needing extra caution, could use as easy ideas in the bathroom.

Avenue Capital Group & Marc Lasry: a New York Success Story

29 Oct
Marc Lasry

Marc Lasry

For a story of the self-made New Yorker, it doesn’t get much better than this. A native of Morocco, Marc Lasry immigrated to the US with his family as a child. He went to Clark University for his undergraduate degree and then attended law school at NYU.

Leaving law to lead the bankruptcy operations for Cowen & Co., Marc Lasry then worked for Texas billionaire Robert Bass. Finally, in 1995, he launched the Avenue Capital Group with his sister, Sonia Gardner. Headquartered in New York, Avenue manages assets that amount to $12.2 billion. They also have offices in London, Luxembourg, Munich and across Asia.

As described on the Avenue website, “Pioneers in the distressed debt market, Mr. Lasry and Ms. Gardner have successfully invested in the public and private debt and equity securities of distressed companies across a variety of industries for over two decades.”

Rhone Pop-Up in SoHo

28 Oct

From October 15, 2015 through January 15, 2016 you can enjoy shopping at 929 Lafayette Street for Rhone, the men’s active wear and lifestyle brand. Their pop-up shop in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood will offer customers a great opportunity.

As Nate Checketts, co-founder and CEO of Rhone said, “We’re excited to launch our first Rhone retail experience. This is the perfect opportunity to interact with our customers and understand how we can best serve them and our community. We plan to take this knowledge and expand to other areas of the country to give as many people as possible a hands-on experience and access to the product.”

Rhone partnered with interior design and architecture firm Reform Creative. As Melissa McMillan, principal at Reform Creative said, “At Reform Creative, we love partnering with up-and-coming new brands to channel their energy and innovation into the built environment. We especially enjoyed working in collaboration with the Rhone team to create a space that is functional, fun and impromptu. The team brought their vision and deep knowledge of the brand to the project from day one, and it was a pleasure to design from that jumping-off point.”


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